Trust Is Key When Hiring An Arkansas Roofing Contractor Or Remodeling Contractor

When  you hire JM Roofing, Innovations & Construction Plus, you are hiring a licensed and insured contractor who has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have achieved this success by putting our customers first and delivering the highest quality service and materials.

Our 3 Step Process

shingle repairWhen your house needs a new roof as a result of either damage or just age, you need to make sure that a correct and thorough assessment has been done.  Not making sure the structural integrity of the rafters, decking, flashing and trim are as good as they need to be can lead to problems down the road.  That’s why we have our 3 step process.

Assess The Damage

We will do a full inspection of the damage to your roof or home and note that the things that will need full inspection and attention.

Inspect Roofing and Structural Damage

We will check the rafters of your home to make sure they are still strong and able to handle the pressure of the roof.  We will also evaluate the decking for damage and whether or not it is broken or rotted.  We will check the flashing and vent pipes and in the case of older worn roofs, we will look for water damage and inspect the decking for soft spots to determine areas that may need to be replaced.


Once there has been an assessment and inspection of the damage or the wear of the roof, we will then offer you a proposal for the repairs.  As with any type of repair or remodel, we do run into unseen issues that are not visible of which we will discuss with you to determine the course of action.

A Rogers Roofing Contractor Can Help

Our goal is to provide the very best in professional service, materials and labor.  Call us today for a FREE estimate of for your roofing or remodeling project.  (479)- 544-2856


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